The Union’s Facebook page is one of our primary means of communicating information about upcoming events and recent updates from debates. A link to CPU’s facebook page can be found here.

Information regarding recruitment, public events, private debates, and club developments are shared on Facebook. If you are interested in joining CPU or want to see more detailed information about what we are doing, our Facebook page is likely the best platform for you to follow.


The Union primarily uses its Instagram to highlight moments from debates, outstanding members, and unique events that make CPU a transformative organization. Our instagram platform is a showcase of things that are foundational to the Union.

In addition, CPU’s Instagram story is a fantastic way to learn about upcoming events and to learn about ongoing political and social issues. Curated throughout the year, the Instagram story provides engaging content to make political knowledge more accessible to our members and anyone who wants to learn more.



The Union’s Twitter account is an excellent source for receiving reminders about upcoming meetings, seeing brief highlights of past events, reading occasional articles related to topics the Union is currently discussing, and finding out when CPU is in the press.